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    Instead of stunning enemies by blinding them, it instead stuns enemies by making them pukeTank skydivingAsskicking Equals Authority: Killbane uses this rule to take over direction of The Syndicate after you kill LorenBoring, but Practical: The dual wield upgrade is obtainable very early and not that fancy compared to what you can pull off later, but skilled players can stroll through the game with just fully-upgraded dual pistolsIn the final mission of The Trouble With Clones DLC, the Boss gains telepathy from the irradiated Saints Flow and banters with Jimmy Torbitson's inner monologueWhilst storming the Syndicate Tower, Pierce suggests the Brutes be called BricksKillbane's mask cannot be obtained via cheats, as opposed to the Apoco-FistsThe Juggernaut: Oleg, a new Saints lieutenant, is capable of body checking cars and can throw mooks about like ping pong ballsReplay Value: When creating your character at the start of the game, you have a choice of several different voices (for example, the female protagonist has a standard American accent and a Russian accent)And by player, he means the actual player (you), not the Player CharacterThose who are skilled with using character design can more or less recreate Amazonian characters like Wonder Woman, Xena and She-Hulk for their bossesFinally, a zombified one shows up in several missionsFalse Flag Operation: There's a Frameup where the Luchadors blame the Saints for destroying the Hughes Bridge in Stilwater, by simply releasing a doctored video claiming credit


    Size 300mm SPECIAL ONLINE STORE PRICE (per unit) ---> ONLY 189.00 USD Quantity: Select Size H-1531A 210mm (Yanagiba - slicer) H-1532A 240mm (Yanagiba - slicer) H-1533A 300mm (Yanagiba - slicer) THE CERAMICS COLLECTION Kyocera Ceramic FKR 130W Utility Knife Kyocera knives utilize zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide, and other advanced ceramics to create products which combine elegance and strengthMasked Luchador: Killbane and the Luchadores as a wholeThe Mean Brit: Matt Miller, and the Boss if you choose the Cockney voice option.Boss (after the gang drops the giant sphere to go after Loren's elevator : Ever heard of Agincourt, you prick? Meaningful Name: The Thermopylae, STAG's aircraft carrier baseIt is more likely a reference to Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, in which the main character's father attempts to train him to conquer his fear by making him drive a car with a cougar in itAll the tellers are strapped and willing to defend themselves, turning into a massive shootout(One of the two missions doubles the chanciness of the proposition by requiring you to go after a specific type of prostitute; just any won't do.) Ludicrous Gibs: Anybody hit by the Apoco-Fists (a giant pair of fists unlocked by choosing not to unmask Killbane in the mission "Murderbrawl XXXI") or hit with a fully charged shot from the Sonic Boom immediately explodes into a pile of theseThermopylae is famously the location of the 300 Spartans' battle against the Persian empireSensual Spandex: The Boss is now capable of wearing tight spandex, whether as a Superhero uniform, or a gimp suitZombie Apocalypse: You accidentally almost cause one, then get hired by Mayor Burt Reynolds to clean it upDuring the Middle Ages and Renaissance, spring scissors were made by heating a bar of iron or steel, then flattening and shaping its ends into blades on an anvilbut he just finishes up by telling Matt can use him as a job referenceDuring the mission where you get your second crib it's possible to get a rocket launcher by quickly killing some of the enemies at the end of the mission 5d555b9bac

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